Nile Tilapia

nile tilapia

Nile Tilapia originated in the Nile River and have become a sought after fish for human consumption and a pond forage fish.  Oklahoma weather only allows the Tilapia to live outdoors from about mid-April to late November.  They can not handle cold weather and will die when the water temperatures start to go below around 50 degrees.  We overwinter our fish in an indoor facility with heated water so we can have them available when the outdoor temperatures are warm enough.  Our Tilapia are popular and are stocked for several reasons.  We sell to individuals year round who put them into aquaponic systems to grow for food.  We also sell to individual pond owners who want to control vegetation or use them for forage fish in their pond.  They work great for both!  They eat many types of algae and the floating nuisance duckweed is one of their favorites.  They also reproduce very quickly hatching several times throughout the summer producing a good forage base for your pond.  Many trophy bass ponds are stocked every Spring to help keep the bass healthy and growing.  For about a decade now, we have been selling Tilapia to wastewater treatment plants to help keep algae cleaned from their water intake screens.  They are said to be very helpful and eliminate the troublesome task of cleaning the screens saving the workers time.  Give us a call to see if Tilapia might be a good fit for you.  We recommend stocking 100-200 of the fingerling size(2-3″, 4-6″) per surface acre or 10-20lbs of the 6″ & up size.  Contact us to find out what will work best for you!