Hybrid Bluegill

Hybrid bluegill

Hybrid Bluegill are a cross between a Green Sunfish female and a Straight Bluegill male.  They are a popular fish for pond stocking because they grow large in size and are aggressive and easy to catch.  They are a fan favorite for kids fishing ponds and kids fishing derbies.  The sex ratio of Hybrid Bluegill are 90% Male to 10% Female.  They do not reproduce fast and will cross with other bluegill species.  Therefore they are not recommended for a forage base for larger fish.  They will have to be restocked periodically to keep a population going.  They will eat a floating pellet fish feed and can reach up to 2 lbs in size.  It will take 5 or more years in our area to reach that size.  We recommend stocking 250-500 of the 2-3″ size per surface acre.