Cattle at Moore’s Fish Farm

Brahman Cattle

Brahman Cattle are known for their characteristic big ears and the hump on their back but we love this breed for many reasons! Click here for more information about our Brahman herd.

Akaushi Cattle

Akaushi Cattle, sometimes known as Red Wagyu, offer intense marbling and improve the carcass quality when crossed with other breeds. Click here to learn more about the Akaushi Cattle influencing our herd.

Beef for Sale at the Farm

Beef has been available at the farm for a better part of the last 40 years and we love providing our own family and yours with quality meat! We have sold it several different ways including processed and on the hoof. In the last couple of years we have started the feeding process again and began preparing to sell our home raised beef. We have begun to incorporate the Akaushi genetics to improve the marbling and other carcass traits in our cattle. As our program develops we plan on selling fed cattle ready for butcher. We offer feeder steers private treaty and will begin selling beef in March of 2023. Check out our Beef for Sale page for more information.