Fish Price List for 2021

We are taking orders to be filled early fall starting in September.

Prices are from our business. No minimum order required. We do have Delivery available at $3.00 per mile one way to your property. Minimum for delivery $500. We can possibly do smaller deliveries depending on our ability to combine them with other orders. Different Species and sizes may be available on request. If you don’t see what you are looking for give us a call and we may be able to source it for you. For more information on species and stocking rates head to our Species & Stocking guide.

Channel Catfish

6-8 Inch $0.75 each

8-10 Inch $1.00 each

Over 12″ $3.50 per pound


3-5 Inch $2.00 each

Hybrid & Straight Bluegill

2-3 Inch $0.60 each

3-5 Inch $0.95 each

Northern Largemouth Bass

4-6 Inch $2.00 each

6-8 Inch $4.00 each

1 lb – 2 lb $14.00 per pound


These are available usually in June. Check with us for current sizes & pricing.


Check with us for Availability & Other Size Options

4-6 Inch $2.00 each

Grass Carp (Triploid White Amur) – Sterilized

8-10 Inch $10.00 each

Fathead Minnows

$10.00 per pound


Our Tilapia are mixed sex and we usually sell for outdoor ponds starting in late April. They are available year round for aquaponic systems with heat.

2-3 Inch $1.00 each

4-6 Inch $2.00 each

$10.00 per pound for larger size (approx. 3 per pound)


2-3 Inch $0.75 each

3-5 Inch $1.00 each

Redear Sunfish

3 Inch $0.75 each

KOI (Short & Long Fin)

8-14 Inch Fish $20 each – More sizes will be Available throughout the Year

Other Species Available

We occasionally handle the following species. Please call to get an up to date quote on price and size.

  • Pond Shiners $10 Per Pound
  • Rainbow Trout (Available Once Yearly after water reaches 60 Degrees, usually late October) Price will be around $7 a pound. We will set the price in the fall.
  • Walleye

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