Akaushi Cattle

Red Wagyu pronounced Ah-ka-OO-shi

Akaushi Cattle are a red breed of cattle developed in Kumamoto, Japan. They were first brought to the United States in 1994 and the American herd has grown since then. Akaushi cows are known for fertility, calving ease, and udder quality among other characteristics. The breed is also known to develop marbling early on either grain or grass feeding, making them a good fit for our beef program here at the farm. The fat composition of the Akaushi might be one of the most interesting and exciting things about the cattle. They have a ratio of higher monounsaturated fat relative to saturated fat making them a heart healthier choice that can help control cholesterol. We purchased a Bull from HeartBrand Ranch in Flatonia, Texas in 2020 and are currently using him on approximately 40 Red Angus and Crossbred cows. Six cows were AI’d to other Heartbrand bulls in 2020 as well. We plan to retain some of our half blood heifers and continue to crossbreed up the the fullblood Akaushi status. In April of 2021 we purchased 2 Fullblood Cows, a Fullblood Bull, and 3 Percentage Cows from Heartbrand to add to the program. They are bred for Fall 2021 calves. We plan on selling fullblood & percentage replacement heifers and bulls, as well as steer calves to individuals wanting to feed out their own calves. The Akaushi will be incorporated into our own feed out program to help us develop high quality beef to be sold from the farm. Our first Akaushi calves will be born in May 2021 and we will update as we make progress breeding these unique cattle.