Vegetation Control

Vegetation in Pond.

Each year we get quite a few questions about vegetation control in ponds. While many people choose a chemical to treat the vegetation we take a natural approach. Chemical treatment is effective and can be warranted in some cases but in many cases stocking certain fish can help tremendously. We can help decide what might be a good treatment option for your pond. Our fish have been used in private ponds, public or shared ponds, and also wastewater treatment plants. Depending on your ponds location there may be runoff water that has fertilizer contamination. This can cause aquatic vegetation to explode in growth and create a real problem for fishing and just overall appearance. We use Grass Carp and Tilapia to help get things under control. You can read more about them here. Give us a call or send us an email for more information.

Forage Fish Management

Managing the numbers of forage fish is an important part of keeping your pond healthy! Depending on what species you want to stock or what species currently exist in your pond we can help you decide what forage fish are best for your situation. If you are noticing your bass or catfish are thin when you catch them, that’s a good indicator that you need to add forage fish. Another indicator your pond may be in need of more forage is the stunting out of fish, especially bass or crappie. This can usually be turned around pretty quickly once the population is controlled and more food is available. One common mistake that we see is the assumption that there are many forage fish because you can see them around the edge of the pond. While you may see some that doesn’t necessarily mean that your predator fish are healthy. Looking at them when you fish is the best way to gauge health.