Brahman Cattle at the Fish Farm

Brahman Cattle are known for their characteristic big ears and the hump on their back but we love this breed for many reasons! They are know to have great maternal traits and insect resistance. The cows usually calve easily, milk heavy, and are very protective of their calves. We leave these girls alone and let them do their job and rarely have to intervene to help with a calf. They are very hardy animals and in our experience they have tolerated the cold fine and excel in the hot humid weather we have here in Northeast Oklahoma. The insect resistance in the Brahman comes from the oil they secrete from their skin. We have personally seen heavy fly loads on our Angus cows while the Brahman and Brahman Cross cows have very few. They also rarely have eye problems such as pinkeye. The Brahman’s are particularly know for their hybrid vigor when being crossed with other breeds. We regularly use them for crossbreeding and are very happy with the results. Temperament can be an issue when working with Brahmans. We have found that handling them right from the beginning is the best way to keep calm cows. When working these cattle it is best to be calm and take your time so they don’t get too excited. We have a small fullblood herd of around 15 cows. A few are registered but most are commercial fullblood. We have raised most of the cows we own and have taken care to develop a group that have a good disposition and possess the traits we value.