Northern Largemouth Bass

largemouth bass

Largemouth Bass are the most popular sport fish we handle.  Whether you want a trophy bass pond, or a need a few to help control other fish populations, they make a great addition to your pond.  We sell pellet trained bass that can be fed floating pellets or you can stock forage fish for them to eat.  They will usually spawn in early May and have a decent survival rate compared to other species.  They are voracious predators and can reach 1/2 lb size or larger by fall if they have an adequate food supply.  The adult bass can reach 5 or more pounds but like the fingerling bass must have enough food to support them and occasionally a population reduction is in order.  Forage fish like Bluegill, Minnows, or Tilapia make a great option.  Some of our clients are feeding them Rainbow Trout and crawdads as well.  We recommend stocking 75-100 fish per surface acre.


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