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Fullblood KuneKune Piglets

6 Weanling Fullblood KuneKune piglets. 3 Gilts $250 each and 3 boars $200 each. Very colorful. Out of a black & white sow and a ginger and black boar. All are double wattled except gilt with 2 black ears. She does not have wattles. The gilts are the first 3 pictured. One Black & White with double wattles. One Ginger & Black with double wattles. One Black and White with no wattles. The last 3 are the boars. One Black & White with a few Red hairs and double wattles. One Tri-Color Black/White/Ginger with double wattles. One Ginger & Black with White spot on forehead. He has double wattles also and is the runt of the litter. He is still on the sow for extra milk but can be weaned at any time. They are all eating their creep feed good!


4 Weanling KuneKune X Mangalitsa Boar Piglets Available. They are out of a Fullblood Swallow Belly Mangalitsa sow and a Fullblood Ginger and Black KuneKune Boar. $200 Each