Brangus & Crossbred Cattle

We have been using Brangus Bulls on our mixed breed Brahman Influenced cows for several years now and really like the consistency of the calf crops. We don’t offer any registered Brangus animals instead focusing on the commercial cattlemen and their need for quality replacement heifers. Our cows are mixed breed but most of them have some Brahman influence and we expect them to be hardy and hold their own in the pasture. Calving ease and maternal skills are very important and we cull those that don’t make the cut. Disposition is also important so we cull if they are not gentle natured. These heifers are usually sold by wait list each year but occasionally we will list them up for sale. We also sell the occasional commercial bulls from the same set of cows and Brangus bulls. We use the Brinks Brangus genetics and purchased our first Brangus Bull from Camp Cooley in Texas and then from the Westall Ranch in Arabela, New Mexico several years ago. Most of these heifers will be medium to large frame but we occasionally have some smaller framed heifers available as well.